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As a spin-off of Institut Pasteur, Oncovita works continuously on innovative approaches and new  biological drug candidates thanks to a research collaboration contract with Institut Pasteur and its Viral Genomics and Vaccination Laboratory where most of Oncovita’s researchers are located.

Oncovita leads the regulatory development of its first candidate in collaboration with selected CROs and CDMOs. In this context, Oncovita has initiated collaborations with EPO (Experimental Pharmacology and Oncology, Berlin), Charles River France and service providers mainly in Europe at the present time. For the first clinical trials Oncovita has already received signs of interest from oncology teams from France, Germany and Canada.

As the measovirTM platform has a large cargo capacity, several candidates have already been constructed expressing additional factors such as cytokines, Tumor Assosiated Antigens (TAA), check-point inhibitors.
Collaborations have been initiated and Oncovita is open to new ones.