The measles platform developed by Frédéric Tangy at Institut Pasteur has led to the successful development of several vaccines, e.g. HIV, Chikungunya, Zika, Lassa and many others, which have been partnered or out licensed for clinical development. A promising measles-chikungunya vaccine candidate has demonstrated safety and efficacy in phase I and II clinical trials and has advanced to phase III clinical trials.

In parallel to vaccine development, the Tangy lab of Institut Pasteur (Viral Genomics and Vaccination Unit) has a long-standing collaboration with INSERM Unit 892 at the Nantes CHU (Dr. Marc Grégoire) working on anticancer activity of the measles vaccine. Together they demonstrated induction of immunogenic cell death and the cross-presentation of tumor antigens by the oncolytic virus in T cells of cancer patients.

This work has led to a number of scientific publications listed here

A new virus with improved immuno-oncolytic activity was developed: MVdeltaC

Oncovita was founded by researchers based on their detailed knowledge of measles vector technology and cancer biology with the aim of developing this treatment against aggressive cancers.

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